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Pet Memorials: The Best Ways to Remember Your Pet

Pet Memorials: The Best Ways to Remember Your Pet

When you’re a pet owner, within moments of bringing your furry ones home, they become so much more than just an animal - they become part of the family. For their entire lives, pets provide you with unconditional love and comfort. They know just how to make you smile and lift your spirits when you need it the most. These small creatures leave some of the biggest impressions and most special memories.

Unfortunately, their lifespans are typically just a fraction of our own, leaving you to partake in the full circle of their lives. So, when they’re no longer physically with you, how can you continue to keep their memories alive? These pet memorials are some of the best ways to remember your pet. 

Doll Replica

Though your pet may not be able to physically be with you any more, a carbon copy of him can be. Miniature doll replicas of your furry family member are carefully hand crafted, fostering love and fond memories that can be remembered daily. These replicas are about as real as it can get. We’re not just talking about a doll in the type of breed your pet was, but one that mimics your pet’s unique features like floppy ears and distinct spots. 

Pet Memorial Stone

These beautiful pet memorial stones are the perfect way to keep the memory of your pet alive. The granite stone material ensures it is durable and won’t fade over time, especially if placed outdoors. Just provide your favorite photo along with the pet’s name and information for laser engraving, and Maddie and Co will do the rest. Choose your favorite template, quote and stone size (12x12, 8.5x11 or 6x6), and they’ll take great care to make sure your pet’s memory is kept alive forever. 

Shadow Box

In memory of your pet, creating a shadow box filled with some of your favorite mementos can be therapeutic. Include leashes, paw prints, photos and even toys that your furry one loved. Shadow boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can also be a DIY activity for those with a creative eye. These are ideal for those looking for something to hang in their home as a daily reminder of the missing piece of the family. 

Imprinted Necklace

There’s no better way to always have your pet with you than by wearing him or her at all times. With an imprinted necklace, you can feel like your furry friend is by your side no matter what the occasion. Choose from various lengths and metals like silver, gold or rose gold. These can be imprinted with your pet’s name for smaller pieces or even a full pet photo, depending on your preference.  

No matter how long your pet was on this earth for, it’s likely that he or she left an everlasting impression on your heart. Though nothing can ever truly take the place of having them by your side, a keepsake can help ease the pain and keep the joy alive. Remember your pets always with one of these incredible pet memorial gifts. 


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