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5 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Any Couple Will Love

5 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Any Couple Will Love

When invited to a wedding, it’s easy to write a check or buy something off of a couple’s registry to wish your congratulations. Unless you’re gifting big bucks, most likely the bride and groom won’t remember who gifted what off of the registry. (Most couples we know scan practically every item in the store when creating one.) So, when the couple is truly important to you, how can you give something they’ll always remember?  Choose one of these unique wedding gift ideas, and you’ll make their unforgettable wedding even more spectacular. 

  1. Personalized Passport Cover with Contribution Toward Honeymoon

Every couple dreams of their honeymoon, though it takes quite a bit of funding to be able to make that dream come true. Contributing to part of the honeymoon, whether it be money they can put toward their honeymoon flights or purchasing experiences like sightseeing tours for while they’re there, is a very thoughtful gift that they’ll certainly appreciate. Make this gift even more unique by wrapping it within two beautifully personalized Mr. & Mrs. passport cases with their name and wedding date.

  1. Song Lyrics Canvas

Every couple has a special song, and usually its one they also choose to dance to at their wedding. What better way to constantly remind them of their love than with a canvas that can hang in their living room or bedroom with the words written out? Order online so this unique wedding gift can be shipped directly to them, avoiding the need for them to carry a large gift after their wedding day. Choose to have just a few lines printed or the full song.

  1. After-Wedding Spa Treatments

Normally the bride and groom indulge in a little pampering prior to or on the big day, however, what happens when all the hype is over and they’ve officially become husband and wife? Treat them to another exceptional experience by gifting them a couple’s spa day. Purchase a massage or body treatment at a beautiful spa locally to them and they will love getting spoiled and unwinding just the two of them. For an added bonus, buy them at a hotel spa, as most allow the use of hotel facilities once the treatment is over as well for an extended experience.

  1. Personalized Bride & Groom Tumblers with Subscription to Wine Service

Who doesn’t want a gift that keeps on giving? Especially when it’s a box filled with wine! If the bride and groom have a palate for wines, then gifting a wine subscription service along with these awesome bride and groom tumblers is a great way to celebrate their love every month. Each time a shipment arrives, with it arrives new bottles of wine, allowing them to try a world of wines in their own home. Subscription prices vary from about $29 per month on the lower end, to more than $200 a month on the higher end, depending on how much you want to spend.

  1. Custom Art Piece

When we say custom art piece, it’s not simply a print, but one that is commissioned specifically for the couple. Find an up and coming local artist who can create a piece that specifically fits their style, home and desires. Another emerging art trend is hiring an artist to live paint during the ceremony or reception, which is a truly unique keepsake to remember not only their special day, but the special people who gifted it to them.  

For every bride and groom, the wedding day is one of the most incredible days of their lives. With these ideas, you’ll treat them to an equally incredible and unique wedding gift that they will forever appreciate.

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